Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fit for a Queen

For Christmas Wayne commissioned me to make a necklace and bracelet for a friend of his who he had recently gotten reconnected with. We have visited Renee and her family several times since his return from Iraq.

Blue is Renee's favorite color so it had to be blue. It took a bit of back and forth to figure out what to make but Wayne had all of my other jewelry to look at to get ideas on what he wanted. Swarovski had just come out with a new color "Indigo Blue" which is a nice deep blue and we both decided would be perfect.
Wayne liked the single spiral ropes that I had made using 3mm crystals so we decided on that and to make the front the spiral rope and the back with stones and other beads. After auditioning several stones we both picked lapis. That led to gold filled beads for the spiral ropes and accents with the stones.

Wayne inspired me to try something a bit new and I used crystals in the core of the spiral rope as well as for the accent beads. The bracelet in a flat double spiral rope with Dk Sapphire crystals for the core and the Indigo Blue for the edges. Once the set was finished I picked the name for it. Being made with gold and lapis it was really easy to choose a name since in the past only royalty could afford them.
Renee wore her set for the first time at their Christmas party that we went to and got lots of compliments on it and has gotten several since then. She really likes both pieces. Wayne was also very happy with his commission.

The picture to the left shows some of the other flat double spiral bracelets that I made for Christmas gifts or for myself. The flat double spiral is one of my most popular classes.

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