Friday, March 6, 2009

Wayne's Box

Hard to believe I started this project in October and I am still not finished but life has been crazy and it is getting squeezed in between my BJP and other projects. Each photo show 2 sides of the box so that you can see how the sides relate and the pattern move across the sides of the box.

I have added a fair amount since the last time I blogged about the box. I added snowy hills for the penguins. Using the lazy stitch to fill in those spaces worked really well and filled a fair amount of space fairly quickly. I added more patriotic and plane buttons and also recycled some foil from a scotch bottle and wine bottle.

Wayne's friend Renee gave me a couple of things to include on his box. I took one of his swimming ribbons and cut it up so that I could include it. She also had one of his old swim medals. I put the ribbon part of that above the wood rectangle and the medal part below the wood where it worked really well next to the circles that I already had near there.

I am really enjoying how the box is coming out and I think about Wayne a lot while I am working on it so it has lots of my love for him in it, every stitch contains my love for him. I think he is looking forward to it actually getting done so he can use it. I think it will end up being mostly covered when I finish it with bits of fabric peaking out here and there.

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