Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boxing It Out

I have finished Wayne's box but need to catch up on posts about it. This one will show getting the main box sides finished.   The last post I had finished up the bottom edges and just had areas around the top that needed to be finished to get the sides finished.  

I brought the really cool metallic hex beads up from the bottom edge and added their glow to the top edge.  I brought some red hex beads up to the top so that the red would carry even more through the piece.  A bit of blue and then just because I love purple a dark blue purple in 1.5 mm cub beads which were really great for doing the lazy stitch in,  worked up great and they look like a section of the night sky in front of the planes flying across the top of the box.

The last picture is just to show what the inside looks like with all of that thread.  I must admit my spool of Silamide thread is much thinner than it used to be.  With all of the work going into this piece the EZ Felt has gotten less stiff.  I really do enjoy working with it as a support,  especially for things that I want to have a bit more body for or are going to be a bit heavy.

My next post will include some of the details of the piece as well as a look at what I chose for the feet to support it.  If you just can't wait all of the photos of the piece are on my Web Gallery.


Robin said...

OMG!!! This just keeps getting better and better. I love it solidly beaded! It's just right. The way you brought the read into the flow around the box is perfect. This was a major project! Are still you liking improv bead embroidery? Your BJP work is much more planned and controlled... Is it fun to be doing both types at the same concurrently? Robin A.

freebird said...

This is super. I've looked back at the pics from the beginning of the box. You've done an outstanding job. Was it difficult to work in the round on a square box? Would you do it again? I hope your husband appreciates just how much has gone into this creation.

Angela said...

It is interesting the differences and similarities between what I do on my BJP work and this box. Although there is much more planning on the BJP pages once I get to the stitches I approach it much like I have for this box, one step at a time just going with what feels right and letting instinct guide me. I have really loved working improvisationally and plan on doing more work this way. Who knows maybe I will do next years BJP this way.

Freebird- I really liked that I put the box so that I could work it in the round, that really helped me see the box as a whole and to allow a flow to go around the box. The sides are 4" x 6" and I would not work any smaller since you have to get your hands inside and be able to manipulate things. It was sometimes challenging working more toward the center of the piece especially knotting off. I would do it again and may do a another box later this year, will depend on how much time I have.

Wayne is very appreciative and knows how much of me goes into my art and how much time it took to make. He is worth it.