Thursday, April 2, 2009

Two Feet to Stand On

It's all in the details, something you hear and most times it seems to be very true.  In this box that I have been working on for Wayne I know that it is very much a true statement.  So much of who he is and how I see him and feel about him are here in the details of this piece.  

It all started with the piece of wood that was a scrap that he had given me from one of his woodworking projects (his stereo cabinet.) I knew that I couldn't do anything that represented Wayne without including his love of flying so I drew the center of a propellor on the wood before I started the piece. The first photo also shows one of the swimming medals that he got that Renee gave me to include on his box. Wayne swam competitively from the time he was a little kid through high school and it is still his favorite form of exercise. The "Always" and "Forever" are ribbon charms I found for scrap booking they describe how I feel about our relationship. I will always love him with all of my heart he is my best friend forever.

The red ribbon pieces are from a swimming ribbon that I cut up (also from Renee).  The piece has a fair amount of circles which symbolically represent  wholeness and unity.  There are also several long meandering spirals which represent growth and change.   I am sure I could write pages of all of the growth and change that we have both been going through as I worked on this piece and yet together we are whole.   

It is interesting that there are no overt signs of his love of music and yet I feel it when I look at the box. The texture and movement are like notes dancing through the air.

The last two photos show what the feet look like.  My first thought was to use door knobs but when I started looking at hardware I realized that it could be more interesting to use two drawer pulls instead of 4 little knobs.  I really liked these because they add a very architectural feel and since they add a fair amount to the weight the box will not fall over easily.

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