Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thinking Outside The Box

Time for another update on how Wayne's box is going. I am having such fun working on this project and it is coming along great. Sometimes I have not added on to it for a while but as I have more time now with our schedule falling into place I have worked on the piece recently. I wasn't sure when I started how much of the outside of the box would be beaded; it appears on at least the sides, that they will be completely beaded.  Wayne loves how it is looking although he thinks it is almost too much.  I am a 'more is better' girl sometimes.  He did ask why use the great fabric if you weren't going to see it.  (I did point out that you could see it here and there in spots around some of the beading.)  I told him the fabric was for inspiration.  It will also show when I make the bottom, lining and at least the inside of the top.  

Since the last time I posted I have added a ton to the bottom of the box edge. I added more to my circles area and a couple of other goodies.  Then I started doing some fill.  The lazy stitch that I tried for the first time in my class with Robin Atkins works great for filling in larger areas and works up pretty quickly.  I am really liking the look of areas filled with solid beads, such wonderful texture.  I liked how it looked when I added the blue beads to the bottom but really loved it when I added the metallic hex beads after that.  They make me think of the rays of the sun and something like an ancient shield that is somewhat tarnished but still is strong and is more beautiful for it's age and having weathered life.  

The first 4 photos show how the box looks showing 2 sides at a time all of the way around. The beading wraps around the box so showing just one side at a time you would lose so much of the feel and the flow of the piece. The last two photos show some of the detail of the piece.  One of his planes flying by is dropping a heart charm that says Made With Love.  

The next step is to work on the top edge of the box and to start looking for some of the stuff I need to finish the box up.  I am going to look at drawer pulls to see if I can find some that I like, since Wayne does woodworking I thought they would be appropriate.  I will probably try to find one for the top as well.  I am going to make a removable lid for the box.  I was thinking of hinging one but like the idea of a removable one better.  Oh goodie, another surface to bead on.  

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