Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New job, colds and other excitement

Once again way to long between posts. It seems like time keeps getting away from me, just as things were starting to settle back into a somewhat more normal routine with Wayne starting his new civilian job I caught a wicked cold that took me out for the count. At 3+ weeks I am still fighting off the last of the congestion and coughing fits. I am sure Wayne and I will both be glad when I can manage to get through more than one night without a coughing fit.

Life hasn't been boring since my last post. Wayne went to more interviews and had to figure out what kind of job he was interested in most since he had more than one offer. February 2nd was his first day on the new job at ASEC a small local contractor. Having both P-3 and UAV experience was definitely a plus for him. One of the founders of the company was one of his pilot's from his first deployment in P-3's, it really is a small world sometimes where the Navy is concerned.

While Wayne was busy in January job hunting I decided to work on one of my goals for the new year and spent a fair amount of time reorganizing my bead collection. I put off working on my BJP January block so that I could do something I had been wanting to do and knew would leaving me feeling I had really gotten something accomplished. I am quite happy with how the organizing went. I still have a goal of organizing the rest of the house before we end up moving but for now the bits I have done make me feel a bit less behind.

January was a good month for me class wise since I taught 2 regular classes as well as a couple of private classes at Bead Boutique. I didn't schedule any for February since I don't have my own car yet (Wayne is looking), that worked out for the best since I was sick for a lot of the month. I do have a Meet the Teachers reception on the 28th so hopefully it will get more students interested in classes.

The last weekend in January Wayne and I headed up to Washington DC to have a romantic weekend. We didn't go anywhere when Wayne came home from Iraq so when we knew he had a job we took a trip to celebrate and just be together. We took it easier than we normally do and still managed to go to the Udvar Hazy Center of the Air and Space Museum and some of the newly reopened American History Museum and an exhibit at the Art Museum. We stayed at the Palomar Hotel. They were having a special on their suites so we got a Spa King Suite which was really nice. Each evening from 5-6pm they had a wine reception in the lobby. We had some really nice suppers including a romantic meal near the fireplace at the Iron Gate Resturant and a really nice meal at the bar at Mourayo a Greek resturant. We also enjoyed a couple of the brew pubs we had visited on previous trips. I got a quick stop at Beadazzled the bead store that was near our hotel. we also found a really great liquor store right near the Hotel that had an amazing selection of wines, champaignes and everything else (including to Wayne's delight some of Kentucky's finest bourbons).

Although sick I did manage to get my January BJP block done in the first couple of weeks in February. I have now gotten a good start on my February block and will try to get my BJP blog updated soon. The photo at the top is of the background with the first 5 blocks pinned onto it. If you want to see more photos go to my Web Gallery which has all of my most up to date photos on it.

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