Thursday, January 8, 2009

Life keeps going

I am amazed that I have managed to not blog for more than 2 months,  I feel so bad but life just got really busy and with Wayne working from home most afternoons and evenings spent catching up with each other after 18 of 24 months apart I really have fallen behind on all computer things and many other things.  

I worked at Bead Boutique a couple of days a week for November and December and was working for beads  I almost ended up paying to work there but managed (just) not to.  I also taught a few classes and sold a couple of my class samples.  It had been years since I had worked retail so it took a bit of getting used to but it is much different than working for a big fabric or craft store.  Lots of great people.

Wayne and I are on our 3rd trip to Philly since Thanksgiving.  Wayne has been doing some consulting for a UAV company here and he has been able to combine trips here to do business and reconnect with an old high school friend that he got back in touch with over deployment.  We have been staying with them and we are all getting along really well.  Since everyone else is working I get the house to myself while they are at work until the boys get home from school.  It has been a good opportunity for me to do some catching up on things I haven't found time for at home.  Last trip I worked on my November and December BJP blocks and this time I thought I would try to do a bit of catching up on e-mail and blogging and some creative work as well.  

Besides the consulting that Wayne is doing he has had a couple of interview, more coming and his first job offer.  It looks very likely that we will stay in southern Maryland although we could move if we wanted.  Wayne is officially retired although he will still be on active duty until April 1st.  He is hoping to start his new job in February once he goes on terminal leave.  I think the hardest part for him will be figuring out what he wants to do sine I expect more job offers to come in the next week or so.  

We had an unexpected health crisis with Wayne and a few days in the hospital but he is all better now and back to his old self.  In November he got in a car accident with his Integra and since it is a 12 year old car it wasn't really cost effective to fix it.  Wayne was fine and it could have been much worse but we are currently working with 1 car which made it kind of challenging to juggle both jobs for 2 months but once he knows he has a new job he will probably buy another car.  Still have the Integra in the garage so he needs to decide if it is going to become a project car or if he will part it out.

With everything going on I have been a bit stressed which hasn't been good for my headaches but I know that we are really very fortunate and that it could be so much worse.  

The photo is where I stand on my BJP project.  The first quarters blocks are pinned on for the photo, I won't sew them on until I am done stitching the background.  I just wanted to see where I stand.   I still really love it and how it is going.  I really haven't had much time to work on my art the last couple of months but I am sure that I will do better as I figure out a new schedule that works with Wayne being home.  I think that all of the time we have spent together and talking has been much more what we have both needed lately.  I will try to write more soon and not go near as long between posts.

I have added new photos to my website and to my web gallery (including all kinds of new photos of my BJP progress) feel free to check them out.  I will also be working on getting new posts to my BJP blog in the next day or two.  

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Robin said...

OMG!!!!! Angie, I totally love your BJP piece... have all along, but with each additional block it becomes more alive with meaning and life! It is awesome!

I'm so sorry to hear about the Integra (poor, dear wheels!), but glad Wayne's OK from that, as well as back on his feet after whatever put him in the hospital.

You need your art time, woman!!! I know how much more difficult it is to carve out art time now that my husband is "retired" and home all of the time. I also know it is necessary to the health of our marriage that I do. Hmmmmm... I must try harder to heed my own words.....

Much love, Robin A.