Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Websites to Check Out

This wonderful quilt is one of my Mother-In Law Marti Plager's pieces. She has just gotten her website up and running so if you would like to see some of her other quilts check out her website (Marti Plager) I think I may ave to talk her into a collaborative piece one of these days. (Hint hint)

After working on it here and there for the last several months I finally got my new website up and running. I am sure there will be changes coming too it as I figure out what all I want on it and some of the things I can do with the new i-Web software. Any hints or suggestions are welcome. Visit me (Artistic Kreations and Passions) soon, to see my albums for the BJP you can go through the link on the main page of my website or to go directly (Artistic Kreations and Passions BJP Albums).

Besides getting my website up and running this weekend I have been working to get my September BJP page closer to finishing. I am hoping to get it done on time although poor August is still languishing. Now that my website is done maybe I will have a bit more time to play catch-up. October is almost here and a new page with it.

I am a glutton for punishment but my cardio health is improving. On Saturday I did 75 min. on the treadmill and although I had to encourage myself through those extra 15 min. I managed to do it. I am adding 5 more minutes to my typical 40 min. for my Monday- Wednesday treadmill time. I am hoping that I will show marked improvements with my strength and flexibility now that I am adding pilates 2 times a week. It is almost frightening how bad I am at it, at least I am listening to my body and am taking it slow. Also I am not the only one who is at a very basic level so I don't feel too bad.

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