Tuesday, September 4, 2007

When Life Gets in the Way.

OK, I know I promised a photo of my finished Pop-Top purse like forever ago but finally here it is. It along with my "Dragons Fly Into My Heart" purse and compact and my "Flower Trellis" neck piece are my 3 entries for Bead International. Should hear about that in early October. It will be interesting to see how I do, very competitive. If you would like to see photos of my other pieces go to my website Artistic Kreations and Passions.

I had a wonderful time in King of Prussia (is that not a fun name for a town) near Philly. I shared a room with my friend Roma and her husband Tony and had a great time with them and getting to catch up with Roma. I took 4 classes and learned a lot. I took 2 business classes which I think are going to help me as I move forward in trying to figure out how I want to support my habit. I took a class making Russian Leaves that did not go real well but I still figured out what I was supposed to learn. I took a wire class from Lisa Niven Kelly which was a blast and although I haven't finished my bracelet yet I know what to do just need more time to do it. As you can see from the photo of my purchases above I spent more than I should but had a great time doing it. (Can you tell I love seed beads?)

I got my October issue of Bead and Button and it's Bead Dreams supplement has my Dragonfly purse in it. It is always very cool to see something I have made in print.

The day after I got back from my trip I got the news that Wayne's Uncle Mike had died. Definitely not good news and Wayne was upset that there was no way he could be there for his Father and the rest of the family. It is so hard to lose someone that you love and my prayers go out to all of the family and friends who have lost a wonderful man.

With all of the good news and the sad news I have been bouncing around a bit emotionally in the last week or so. It has been a bit weird to want to laugh and cry at the same time but there have been moments when I have been there. I have been taking a bit of Me time and trying to keep up with things I know will help me de-stress. I have made 4 more collage pages in the last week and spent time tearing up paper which is good for working off a bit of stress.

I am starting an e-course this week called "Create the Work You Love" it goes for 12 weeks and I am hoping it will help me find a direction to go while trying to support my creative habits.

To find out how I am doing on my BJP and my "Physical Enablement" check out my AKP Bead Journal Project blog.

I am a bit behind on several things but sometimes life gets in the way. At least I am not bored with Wayne gone. He is doing well by the way. I hear from him regularly by e-mail or phone and he is keeping super busy. He has lost weight and is alternating running and time in the gym in what little spare time he has, not that he has a lot of that.


Hélène H said...

I wish to sent you congratulations on your good news, you seem to be on a very fruitful track - and hugs for the bad news.

Love the way your August BJP page is going.

freebird said...

I am just getting caught up with my mail (was in CA visiting daughter and son) and finally looked at the Bead and Button magazine. Saw your Dragonfly Purse entry. Congratulations. Sorry your husband couldn't be home for his family at this time. That's one of the hard things of being in the military. Hope you hit an even keel soon.