Monday, October 1, 2007

The Exercise Goddess

Here you can see my first 3 finished pages of my BJP. August isn't done yet but June, July and September are. When I am finished with all of my pages I will have 3 chains each of which have 4 pages. I haven't decided yet if I will want the pages to go in order across or down or if I will want them mixed up. I don't have to decide that for many months yet. I find it interesting how each page looks and feels so different and yet they all strongly resonate who I am. They speak of who I am, where I am at creatively, and what I love. If you want to get an idea of where I am headed with this project go to my Artistic Kreations and Passions Bead Journal Project section of my website and check out the photo albums for the different months. I have the inspiration photos for the upcoming months there. I still need to make the card and journal for September but managed to finish the page on time and am quite happy with that.

The title of my post is the Exercise Goddess. Today is officially 2 months of exercising and while I didn't lose any weight this month I have made leaps and bounds on my cadio abilities. The last 2 Saturdays I kicked up my Saturday treadmill time to 75 min. I have been focusing on challenging myself with increasing the incline that I can do. I started out straight and level. My first 75 minute session was also my first day of an elevation gain over 500 ft (~525ft) The following Wednesday I beat that in a 45 min session with 540 ft. This past Saturday I blew my previous best out of the water getting 729 ft. WOW! It is a challenge and I will keep working on challenging myself. By the time Wayne gets home I should be in much better shape for hiking.

Poor Wayne he called to talk to me, he has got his 2nd snuffly sneezy cold since he has been gone. I am guessing a bit of it is not getting enough sleep there for a bit but it is also really dry and dusty and I am sure there are other things including just lots of people around all of the time. Luckily he gets better quickly so I am sure he will be all good in a few days.


Robin said...

They look really great like that, chained together. I never thought of having 3 or 4 separate units, but it's a great idea. One good thing about it is you don't have to have a large available wall space or figure out horizontal connections.

Bravo on the exercise achievements. Wow is right!!! I think, as you keep at it, that you'll see more weight loss. But even if you didn't, cardio progress, firming and muscle tone are worth a lot in themselves. Congratulations!

Angela said...

Thanks Robin,
I will probably hang the 3 chains together if possible but it does add versitility to do it this way and only 3 nails to hang 12 pieces.

Yeah that is the reason I didn't make weight loss as one of my goals because I didn't want to get discouraged by it not happening on "schedule" I am sure that I am gaining some muscle mass as I tone up and muscle weighs more than fat. That's my theory anyway.