Monday, October 15, 2007

The photo above is from the Indian Museum in DC. I really loved this woven wall and thought it was really fascinating that they used pipes and sheet metal to weave the wall. One of the many inspiring things I saw on our long weekend in DC before Wayne left.

I have gotten some more e-mails and calls from Wayne lately so he is at least a tiny bit less busy. He even had time to call me on my birthday which was nice. I got several calls on Saturday so I was not alone. I went to Colleen and her families for supper and had a great time.

The Red Sox have won one game and lost one game in the 7 game series for American League Championship. Tonight is game 3 so I will watch that in a bit while doing more beading.

Speaking of beading, I know what else so I speak of. I have fallen into a serious bead vortex this last week. I have both October and August's pages clambering for attention and have been spending most of my time beading going back and forth between the two. Both are coming right along and I am sure both will get finished by the end of the month with out too much trouble.

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