Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Winged Visitor

This photo is one of the dragonflies that visits me occasionally. He has been nice enough to let me photograph him. I find it interesting that in their adult stage dragonflies change colors as they age. I saw what I can only assume is a younger version of this species the same day. It's colors were duller and the back was more gray than white. This particular dragonfly will let me move around it as long as I don't move too quickly. Saturday morning I was out pulling weeds since it was a bit cooler and he landed on the driveway not 4 feet from me and just stayed there for a while as I pulled weeds. Your only crazy if you talk to yourself and get answered right? It is OK to talk to critters.

The physical enablement is going well. I think I may have even lost a couple of pounds but we will see. This week I tried some new things. Between the treadmill, water aerobics, weight training, basic pilates and Tai Chi it wasn't boring. I won't be doing all of them but wanted to try some things to see if I wanted to do them more. Some of the changes are incorporating into my life more readily than others but over all I am very pleased with my progress so far.

I am making good progress on my Pop-Top purse and should it finished soon. Along with a couple of other pieces I am going to enter them into The Dairy Barn's Bead International 2008. The entries are due in the first week of September so after finishing it I need to work on getting photos taken and ready and doing the entry form.

I put a little more time on my BJP page for August and have the columns almost finished. Or at least what I think what may be finished, who knows what I may decide later.

Wayne is doing fine and keeping very busy. He is running most days to keep in shape and has lost weight since he got there. Mostly by watching his serving sizes (with as much as they get served he could be gaining weight), he also says it is probably partially since he can't have beer or wine so doesn't have those calories in this diet. We are now 2 months done and hopefully the rest will go quickly. I am sure before I know it he will be back home and in my hair again.

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Maggie R said...

The picture of the dragonfly is very interesting..... I have never seen one like this.... Somehow I thought they had black bodies and green sheer wings....I guess there is different varieties.Nice to have someone to chat with while working in the garden VBG
I love your BJP with the dragon....The combination is very interesting and lovely.