Saturday, August 18, 2007

Collage Therapy

I must need a lot of therapy huh? I had the other post titled scribble therapy and now one labeled Collage therapy. The process is very therapeutic because I intentionally keep it as thought free as possible, working on instinct and just having fun.

These collages are my first using fabric as a background instead of paper. It worked really well and I have a lot of fabric so it works out well. I used a box full of torn up bits of papers and just pulled a handful of papers at a time and then attached them wherever they felt right. Since I am going to cut it up into smaller pieces for cards I don't have to worry about composition or anything so it really is just having fun.

I am including photos of the first 3 of my collages doing this. I plan on making more of them. The first 2 I did were with Christmas fabrics. I will have a range of them eventually I am sure. For the first 2 I used approximately a fat quarter sized piece of fabric. I am working on tearing up more paper to add to my mix and will continue to do that as I go. I am going to work with the paper I have on hand first and see if that doesn't eat in to my huge stock of stuff.

On Wednesday I went with Colleen and her daughter (Kristine) to DC for "A Day of Art and Prayer" at the Washington Theological Union. We got to see the artwork of Brother Michael O'Neill McGrath. He discussed the symbology and how he worked through difficult times in his life during some of the pieces. He was a very engaging speaker and I found it quite interesting.

This Wednesday I head to Philly for the Bead Fest there. It will be by far the largest bead show that I will have attended. I am taking some classes and will get to spend some time with a friend from New England. Should be a great time. Can't wait.

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