Saturday, August 4, 2007

Physical Enablement

I have banned the words Working Out from my vocabulary. They have too many negative associations in my mind so I thought about it and created my own Buzz word. The Navy is big into buzz words so I hear about what ever the new popular buzz word is periodically from Wayne. I will use exercise but wanted something positive to go with the process so I have decided that my buzz word (s) would be Physical Enablement. As in I am physically enabling myself to be a healthier and happier person.

Had a pretty good week, 2 days at the gym and 2 days walking and Yoga for a cool down all 4. Today is a day of rest because I woke up grumpy and with a headache. Besides the exercise I have also added my morning pages back into my day. I have been doing them after the exercise while my body cools down. I am making additions to my diet so that I drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables etc. I have decided that since I tend to want to snack that I am going to go to several small meals during the day. That should help balance my blood sugar and keep me from ever feeling hungry which means my body won't go into conservation mode. I have read that this can be very effective for some people and since I want to snack anyway I just make it a mini meal of something healthy.

I spent a little time working on my pop-top purse and have added iron on crystals to the dragons for my August BJP. They now have larger crystals for the eyes and smaller ones for their teeth. I think that I will go sit down and spend some time working a bit on my page.

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freebird said...

Oh, I've got to tell my son that one (he went to school to be a trainer and is really into that and diet - and surfing). Physical enabling!! He just came to visit and we took a couple of 2 5/8 mile walks. They were long for me and too short for him.