Sunday, January 31, 2010

Studio in Progress

The studio is coming along nicely and we recently ordered the hardwood for the floors.  We had to change the plan since they didn't have purple-heart available.  I will be having Brazilian Koa (also known as Tiger wood) for my studio and the upstairs hallway outside of my studio.  When we picked out the ceiling fan for my studio and found out that our flooring plan might change I decided to change my color scheme a bit so that it would work better with those choices.  The new ceiling fan is a beautiful cobalt blue so I went with the focal wall in the Honorable Blue that we had used for the tray in our Master suite,  I loved the color so thought it would be a nice contrast.  That wall will have my Ikea bookshelves in white (they are open back) and the TV/stereo.  The other 3 walls have Wood Violet around the bottom and Tassel on the top.  I need to pick some trim to go at chair rail height.

 From this view you can see my 3 windows which face south.  When the sun is out their is a lot of nice sunshine.  I have four overhead lights and a ceiling fan with lights so even without task lighting I should be good.  We switched out the regular bulbs the builder had put in with daylight fluorescent bulbs.  Eight bulbs later the difference is huge.  We still need to see about better bulbs for the ceiling fan.

This view lets you see the sink,  at this point it is just a stand for the little stereo so we have something to listen to while working in there.

Here you can see the first step in my first decorative painting project.  Since this is my studio and a creative space I wanted something to make it feel happy and something I would enjoy and make it more mine.  After going through quite a few different ideas I decided that I wanted to paint vines around the top on the 3 sides that were gold near the top.  The first step was to free hand the vines with a watercolor pencil (if I made any mistakes I could erase them with a sponge).  I will probably be adding flowers to the vine later but I didn't draw them in.

This is the second go around this time with paint.  I was going to do the shading the first time and realized that the paint wasn't going to cover enough so I switched to just the main color and plan on a second go around with more colors to add the shading.  This will take some time do but should be worth it in the end.

Since we have been so busy with the house and decorating and I am behind with my posts so if you wish to see more photos of what we are up to or what I am doing on my 2010 BJP you can go to my Web Gallery.   If you want to read about my BJP project  you can visit my bjp blog.

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