Monday, January 4, 2010

Master Suite Painted

I am way behind on posting to my blogs which seems to be more of the norm than I would like lately. It seems to be way more challenging to paint a new house, move into said house and do all of the  normal Christmas stuff  than just do the regular holiday stuff (go figure).  It doesn't help that we have been without internet since the line to our house was no good and they need to put in a new line before we can get internet to the house.  Hard to write blogs without a home internet service.  These photos are a bit behind where we currently are in decorating but since I know that some people don't go to the web gallery to see the newest photos, I thought I might include some here.  All of these photos are of the master suite.  There are 2 colors of purple, 2 of blue, 2 of gold and the whites that we left.  I really love how it has turned out and the colors make me feel very happy.  I lucked out and had curtains that would work from our house in Rhode Island that work perfectly for our bathroom, one less space that I will need new curtains for.
The 2 pictures below show the master bedroom.  The first one is before we painted the crown moulding the darker gold.  Makes a huge difference.  The colors in the second photo are more accurate.  I like the first one cause it has my "painting stud" in it, doesn't he look proud?  We are trying to get some photos here and there that include us in them.  Not our forte I am afraid.

The last photo is of me in front of my Concord grape wall.  It is a beautiful dark purple and I was acting silly.  My favorite pain outfit is slowly getting more paint on it especially the pants which I wipe my fingers on.   I will try to get more posts up about the house but it will depend on how much time I can get  to the internet.  I want to thank all of of our Family and Friends for all of the good wishes and Christmas notes.  Wayne and I would also like to wish all of you a wondrous New Year.


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