Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting Close

The headaches and sore neck and shoulders have left me a bit out of sorts lately and I have been pretty bad about keeping up on anything except creating, most of my energy has been going there. That being the case I have fallen behind in everything else. The good news is the headache seems to be getting much better and so I am feeling more like myself which is really nice.

The great news is that in about 2 weeks or so I will have Wayne home. With about 18 of the last 24 months apart I am ready to have him around for a bit. The next few months will be busy but that is to be expected with several small trips planned and job hunting and trying to get ready for a potential move come spring or so.

My trip to the DC Bead Museum was a bit of a mixed blessing. I was disappointed in that they didn't have enough space to display all of the pieces that got into the show and neither of mine were on display. This meant that my pieces couldn't be voted on for people's choice nor did anyone get to see them. I am glad that I went because I got to see a couple of people I had met in Philly at the Bead Fest and got to meet some of the members of the Baltimore Bead Society which I may want to join especially if we end up staying in the area. I got a lot of really positive comments on my butterfly necklace and my Dragonfly purse.

The next couple of weeks will be busy for me and I won't have too much time to get wired about homecoming coming up. I am spending a long weekend this weekend in Baltimore. Robin Atkins who started the Bead Journal Project is coming to Baltimore to teach a couple of classes and give a presentation about the BJP. I get to be her teachers assistant. I am so excited since it will be my first time to meet her and I have been looking forward to seeing her. Should be a good time.

Next weekend I am heading up to New England with a friend for another friends wedding. Had hoped that Wayne would make it home for it but it wasn't to be. Should be fun since I will get to see some friends I haven't seen since we moved down here.

Add to those 2 trips my 4 classes that are scheduled (if they hold) and more physical therapy and I shouldn't be bored. Might actually have to do a bit of cleaning and straightening before he gets home as well.

My BJP collage is coming along. I spent time stitching the waterfalls on the mountain and am currently working on my tree trunk. I am spending a lot of time on all of the stitching on the collage but am still excited about it and loving the way it is turning out. Have not gotten bored with it. I started October's block a bit early as I wanted to take it with me this weekend so I could start on it. I spent time on the painting so that I am ready to start adding beads and stitching. If you want to see how it is going check it out on my BJP blog.

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