Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Doctor, PT and catching up

The last week has been pretty busy, I have taught a couple of classes and have another one tomorrow. Very few of my classes held during the summer but then a lot of the classes at the store didn't hold during the summer. I did teach one class with only one student and will do another tomorrow, part of my reason for doing it is that I have been spending a lot of time alone and think it is good for me to get out and I think that it will help me get a following in case we end up staying in the area.

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday. She has prescribed Migraine meds but that won't help with my perpetual headache but the physical therapy seems to be helping some and I have four or so more weeks to go before reevaluation. I asked about testing but my blood work this spring covered some of the questions already and since they aren't sinus headaches and I don't have stiffly, snuffly, allergy symptoms allergy testing won't help. I did ask and had confirmed that yes and allergen could be a trigger even if you weren't allergic to it. Thus my headaches from cut grass, smells, etc. I think that besides the muscular/skeletal issues I am having that I am probably also reacting to something seasonal (my guess mold). Hopefully with the PT and fall coming it will go away. The PT has been helping and although still have a constant headache at least they aren't as bad as they were.

I haven't gotten as much done in the last week as I might of liked but have gotten somethings done that I needed to and ran some errands. Not as much creating as I would like but can't have everything all of the time, need more hours in the day or at least a few days of no headaches.

I finally packed most of my stuff for my trip to DC for Saturday night. I decided that I would wear my purple long dress for the event, the hard part was figuring out what piece of jewelry to go with it. I designed a piece to go with it but it is the piece that got into Bead International and I won't see it for a couple of years while it travels with the show. The second best choice would have been the piece that is in the show for DC. Go figure. I knew that I was going to use my Dragonfly Purse. I am taking a couple of necklaces along although I am leaning toward wearing the piece that I made using one of Susan's beads. I am staying in a hotel overnight so I don't have to worry about driving back late that night.

It looks like I still have plenty to keep me busy until Wayne comes home. Robin Atkins is coming to Baltimore to teach and make a presentation about the BJP and I am going up to see her and maybe be her assistant. I am so looking forward to meeting her and Wayne thought it was a great idea since he knows that being around other creative people is good for me.

I also have wedding to go to in Connecticut the weekend before Wayne comes home. I am riding up with a friend and then staying with him and his wife at their place in Rhode Island. It is too bad that Wayne is just going to miss it.

I may end up with classes the 2 days before Wayne comes home. If they hold (and I have had some people express interest) I will not have to worry about having too much time to get all wound up with home coming. With around a month or so left I am glad that I have things to keep my mind occupied.

The photo for this post is my September BJP block for this year. Wayne said it was one of his favorites. The painting was based on one of the photos he took while we lived in Hawaii.

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