Monday, September 1, 2008

Beads, Travel and Getting Sick.

The last couple of weeks have been eventful and not always in the best ways.  

I went to Philly to Bead Fest and had a blast.  It started on a funny note as I stopped for lunch at a brew pub and got carded, at 2 months before my 41st birthday I thanked the waitress.  I stayed with Roma and her husband Tony and we had a good time.  It was so good to see them and spend the time catching up.  I took two classes.  Both went very well and had great teachers.  I learned how to do the Viking Knit and how to do variations on the Byzantine Chain Maille.  I just need to add a bit more embellishing and my  viking knit will be done and I will include a photo here to share.  As usual I decided to go my own way a bit  and instead of a bracelet I am going to end up with a front part of a necklace that will hang from 2 hooks to a chain (for the back of the necklace).  Never did like to do things the way others do.  The other class I have several sample pieces and will have to decide on what I want to make with any of the variations.  
Two new things this year were Meeting the Teachers Night and the Bead In.  I wore my Pond necklace to the teachers night and got a lot of really positive comments on it, so not subtle but I do love my bling.  I worked on the background for my 2008-9 BJP at the Bead In and took my 2007-8 pages along.  Wow, did not expect the attention I got.  Very positive.  I should have printed up a sheet with all of the pertinent info about the BJP since I explained about it many times.  I also gave out lots of business cards so we will see if anything comes of that.  A couple of the people had heard of the BJP project which was kind of nice.  It was a lot of fun.

The pictures show my treasures from this year.   My main goal was to get beads to  go toward this years BJP so I filled in some colors that I didn't have much range in and would need in 15/0 seed beads (especially browns and greens).  I also got more Silamide thread colors (it is my favorite thread for bead embroidery.)  I was on the look out for flower and leaf beads to use on my blocks for the piece and ended up finding a nice selection to get.  I also got a Chain Maille book and a Chain Maille kit (that is being mailed).  I spent less money than last year and am thrilled with the additions to my horde of beads.  I am still working on getting them worked into my collection.

It appears that my steroids didn't get rid of my headaches since I continued to have them even after the treatment was done.  I ran myself a bit hard during Bead Fest with not enough sleep,  not a great diet and such.  I came home on Monday and was worn out.  Tuesday I had a sick headache all day,  Wednesday was a full blown knock-em out Migraine and then Thursday I was hit hard with a head cold.  The last week I have felt like I got hit head-on by a truck.  I have gotten next to nothing done but rest.  I am slowly showing signs of improving so hopefully will be back up and running soon.  I am now at over 2 months of constant headache but hopefully my appointment tomorrow for Physical Therapy will help some and get me started on at least loosening up all the muscles tightened from the headaches.  I also set up my next doctor's appt.  
Wayne has been calling regularly to check in on me and he is doing fine.  Less than 2 months to go which is great.  He is busy working on his resume and other stuff to get ready so that he can hit the road running when he gets home.  Will not be a boring fall/winter that is for sure.  I am to be his assistant.  At least I don't have to be his secretary  I like the job of personal assistant better.   


KV said...

Been wondering how you were, Angela. Sorry to hear that those headaches are still plaguing you -- sure hope you are feeling better soon.

Kathy V in NM

a2susan said...

Hi, Angie. I'm sorry to read that your headaches are still plaguing you. Don't give up, it can take a while to get them under control, but you will do it.
Hugs, Susan

Angela said...

Thanks guys, I think my physical therapy is helping, being sick did not but am almost completely over the cold so now hopefully we can tackle the headaches. Angie