Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My First Beaded Commission

I have managed to get all of my Bead Journal Project journal entries moved onto a new blog. They were all entered with in 2 days so if you want to see the pieces from a particular month you will need to use the labels for June or July. It took a bit of work but I think it will make it easier for people to access it. I will have additional photos for each month on my website.

I went out for lunch with Colleen (my landlady) today. We had a good time and she is easy to talk to which is helpful at times.

Wayne called on Monday night and is doing well. He has built a bit of storage furniture for his group to use. He is keeping busy and working out regularly. It sounds like there are lots of critters there, more than you might think of for a dessert. They have bats and lizards and birds and other animals that he tells me about once in a while. Since many of those eat insects especially those that bite I am sure they are glad to have them around. I send him daily e-mails about how the Red Sox are doing so he gets to keep up on how they are doing. Wish we were still in New England since they are doing so well this year, going to the games are always fun but when they are winning it is even better.

My class yesterday didn't end up happening (no students) but things are slow at the bead store especially classes at the moment. The good news for me at least was that I had my first piece of commissioned bead work. Not anything overly elaborate but kind of neat to know that the bracelet that I had at Bead Boutique made the man ask for a necklace like it for his daughter. I went in to the bead store and made it while I was there since I needed the crystals to make it and didn't really want to drive there to get it, come home and make it and then drive back to drop it off, especially since he needed it in a week.

Things are slowly moving forward on my projects here. I am a little further along on both my pop-top purse and my July BJP page. I have spent more time on the computer getting my 2 blogs up and running and will work on getting my new website figured out. Since I am moving it anyway I decided on starting sort of from scratch. Now that I know how to do things it won't be as time consuming and my site will feel fresh. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to e-mail or leave a comment. It will still be with dotmac and somewhat graphics intensive but I will continue to play with it to see what I can do with it to reflect my art.

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