Thursday, March 3, 2011

In a World of Color

 Although as usual this last year or two this post is vastly overdue I am finally adding a new post.  These photos and info on the on-going projects to make our house a home come from January.  It ended up being a very productive month for us and we got several projects finished.  The major projects are pictured here.  I am assuming you can guess what Wayne is doing crawling around on top of the counters in this photo,  I made him paint all of the difficult areas.
 This is a photo of one of our two copper walls,  it is a decorative painting technique using copper paint and glaze.  It is amazingly difficult to photograph but it looks different no matter which direction you look at it and how the light hits it.  I am beyond pleased with how it turned out, even if I ended up with some copper highlights for a couple of days.
 Another project checked off the never ending To-do list that we seem to have is the curtains for the living room.  I started by cutting the fabric to length well over a year ago.  It has been slow going but the red metallic looks great with all of the other red accents in the room.
 With the pull backs you can choose a couple of different ways to pull the curtains back,  in the middle of winter any sun is a good thing so they don't get closed except when it is nasty or really cold out.
 Here you can see the 2 walls of copper and my myriad collection of house plants,  I have been doing remarkably well with them considering I have a brown thumb most of the time with plants.   Our poinsettias from last year are even blooming this year without having put them in special lighting.  Got 3 new ones this year as well.
 Here you can see the Hyper blue against the copper, quite a striking combination.  As usual if you have been watching the decor come together you know our colors are not too subtle but they make me happy, how did I get so lucky as to have found a spouse who doesn't think all walls should be white??????
Although we still haven't gotten to the back splashes or even put knobs on the cabinets, adding the color has really added personality to the kitchen.  So many projects yet to do, knobs, back splashes, floor, plant tables....  And that is just the kitchen.

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