Monday, March 7, 2011

A Color Bomb Goes Off

It seems that I can't be happy without lots of color in our life, in this case I am using up some of the color we already had.  I had planned for the hallways on the first floor to be purple but which purple ended up changing.  the original idea was for the paler purple that we used in our bedroom but Wayne thought that was too light so when it finally came down to time to paint these spaces instead of choosing to use one color and needing to buy more paint I decided to go with multiple values that we already had, much more fun.  3 values of purple are used between the hallway and the one story parts of the foyer.  Color me a very happy girl!
Here You can see the Wood Violet the lightest of the three value which I used in the hallway between the dining room and kitchen and from the pantry to the foyer.  Lots of doorways and walls, this part alone took me a weekend to paint, not including taping and untaping.
The next project took even longer to do but for entirely different reasons.  The darkest purple wall I had decided to do with a brush stroke texture,  I had liked the effect so had decided to go with that under the stairs in the Honorable Blue.  At some point between Wayne and I things took a bit of a turn and more than brush stroke started to happen.  With the blue we ended up liking the way waves of strokes looked and then things just started rolling for there,  sometimes Wayne probably wants to run when I say "I have/had and idea" but since this one was partly his fault, (he is too good at feeding that creative part of my brain sometimes) and I was doing all of the work he can't be too dismayed.
These first two photos show the first coat of the many value waves going onto the wall.  They are all done with a glaze mixed with the paint so I never knew exactly how things where going to turn out.  That turned out to be both a challenge and sort of freeing, of course Wayne also reminded me that the worse that could happen is that we would repaint it.
The second coat goes on here, just a tad darker and filling in more, occasionally thought the process Wayne would say something about how he thought I was going to do this or that, not so much.  I seldom went with a plan, I just kind of freed myself to play.  I didn't know how many coats it would take I just knew that I would know when I had it the way I wanted it.
Another coat goes on.  I had decided to do a coat a day because that would allow the paint to dry completely, since I wasn't measuring the amount of glaze or any of the paints I never knew exactly how the layers would come out.  I also wanted to have a bit of time to absorb one layer before deciding on the next.
This is a slightly different angle of the same coat.  I found that it was slightly hard to photograph this wall,  I couldn't take the photos straight on and it is really hard to truly capture what it looks like in real life.  I took different angles in the hope that I would at least get an idea of what it looked like.
These last three photos are of the finished wall.  Again it was really hard to photograph, it is wonderfully complex and variegated.  With all of the layers that went into it that probably isn't too big a surprise.
I really can't wait to get the pieces of artwork that are going to go on the wall ready to hang, one needs it's glass replaced and another needs to be properly framed.  I have chosen a few pieces that are all water related to possibly go on the wall,  I still need to figure out whether they will all fit or not but in a quick audition they all look striking against the wave wall.

The last picture (below) is a close up so you can better see some of the values included,  the colors aren't quite right but it gives you a better idea.   I really think once the art is up on the wall I will love it even more.

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