Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Victorian Suite: Poem

For this suite of jewelry I decided to write a poem following the technique that Robin Atkins, an amazingly talented beader and friend teaches in her One Bead at a Time book (which you can download for free from her website).

You write a list of words and phrases that pop into your mind as you look at your beading and workspace.  You pick the words that are most compelling to you and then start with the phrase "I am __________," filling in your chosen word or phrase.  This is the first line of your poem, you continue using as many of the words or phrases as you wish.

It can be really interesting to see what comes from this especially if you don't try to over think it.  Here is my poem for my Victorian Suite set of jewelry.

I am Victorian Suite.
I am all things feminine,
Peaches and Cream, Laces and Hearts,
And yet I have a backbone of metal;
Covering hardness with softness.

With thread, memories are stitched into me;
linking the old with the new.
The fabric of my past links
Grandmother, Mother, Sister and Friend.

Flowers and spirals,
Pearls and opals,
The pieces I am made of,
Bring together all that I am.

With the cameo of a woman:
I mirror the woman who layered my parts;
So that I am so much more than I would seem.
How can wire and beads, doilies and filigree,
Make me into that which has infinite possibilities?

If you would like to read about the making of the pieces that make up Victorian Suite go here.


Scott Fairbairn said...

Wow!! I really like reading your blog and seeing your process. You have amazing talent. I really appreciate the personal nature of your work and you willingness to share that.

Angela said...

Thanks Scott,
I really enjoy creating (my husband will tell you I get a bit cranky if I have to go to long without creating) and have been lucky enough to be able to follow my muse. I like to share why I have created and how because I really enjoy seeing how and why other people create what they do.

Anonymous said...
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magic said...

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Angela said...

Magic, thank you for you wonderful comment.