Sunday, December 12, 2010

Grow where you are planted: part 2

Here you can see as you come up the drive way (did I ever mention that we got a nice paved driveway early this summer?).  This is photo is another partially before photo although you can see where I have been doing some digging to the left of the photo.
Although I think that you are supposed to have a plan for your garden before you start we haven't really been doing that too much, it has been more of a what next and hope that it all works out OK in the end.  Here you can see the driveway better and the nice bank down to the ditch that is very boring here.

Wow somebody has been digging lots of wholes in the yard, I am thinking some seriously big moles.  Trees bushes and 100 or so bulbs are going here (the bulbs are in we are still waiting for the National Arbor Society to deliver the baby trees and bushes.
You can also see the grasses that we moved from where the builder had put them in the front yard to the side of the driveway.
Here is a picture of my favorite garden gnome (isn't he cute).  I started the gardening project but he started helping and with the 2 of us we got a lot more done more quickly.
You can also see another section that we dug up and planted.  This area has more bulbs, asters, and a variety of plants that Mom sent us.
More asters, bulbs, iris, lilies and a Korean lilac (I love sales at Lowe's).
I will leave you with this final photo of a fall mum that was blooming as I left for Iowa shortly after Thanksgiving.  We planted close to 1000 bulbs, 8 or so bushes, iris, lilies, pansies, mums, peonies and several other flowers this fall.  We are still waiting for the arrival of 11 trees and 14 bushes that we have the wholes dug for.  I am hoping that I will be able to update you in the spring with lots of photos of flowers blooming and plants happily taking off.

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