Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Catching Up

I must apologize it has been way too long since I have written.  Things have been crazy busy and we have gotten so much done in the last 2 months. March was our craziest month by far with constant things to keep us busy but the to-do lists just seem to grow faster than we can check things off it seems.

I am just going to include some of the highlights of what we have been up to and will try to find time to hit some of the projects in more detail as I have time.  The first photos is of Wayne mudding the walls of the great room.  We added another layer of dry wall to 3 of the walls in there.  Why in the world you might add (really good question).  We added a product called Green Glue between the layers of drywall. Green Glue is a product that helps with sound dampening so that the acoustic properties in the room will be better.  We also added an additional layer of sub-floor in both my studio and the great room with Green Glue between the layers.  In both cases the hardwood flooring went in on top of the new subfloor.    We ended up putting Brazilian Koa (also known as Tiger wood) in both of those rooms.
 So far we have put in hardwood flooring ourselves in the master suite, my studio and the upstairs hallway and the great room.  This is it for a few months at least for flooring since we need to catch up a bit but we will also be adding hardwood in the kitchen and the dining room when we have a chance.

The second photo is of Wayne painting,  we have also done a lot of painting since we closed of the house but still have plenty to do.  The great room is where he is painting in the photo and the walls are now Honorable Blue and Hyper Blue( If you want to see these colors you will have to open the color visualizer and then explore colors).  Once more we are not going for subtle colors anywhere but so far we both love how things look with all of the color.  The third photo is a part of my studio as it was a couple of weeks ago.  The studio keeps changing and will continue to as things come in and out of it and  I try to get it organized.  I still need a trip to Ikea to buy some furniture for it so I can really start getting it organized but we need to rent a cargo van for the trip since neither car is big enough for all of things I want/need.
This photo is of the sewing room with some of it's boxes.  The end of March we took possession of our stuff that has been in storage for the last 9 months.  Of course all of these boxes mean all kinds of more work to be done.  We have unpacked quite a few boxes but have plenty more to do.  Normally at this point I would have more unpacked than this but since we still have to figure out where some things will be going and still have spaces that need painting and furniture it is going to take longer before all of the boxes are put away.

Less than a week after the movers we had visitors for a few days of spring break.  Ryan, Renee and Trevor came down.  We had managed to get the guest beds usable and although their rooms were decorated with boxes still they had a good time and it gave us a couple of days to just chill a bit.

This photo shows the great room painted but not finished.  We still need to buy some additional trim and paint it.  Along with the 2 colors of blue there will be some white trim and some red trim.  Although with red white and blue you would think it might look patriotic but so far it doesn't.  The Hyper blue helps since it is sort of a cyan blue that doesn't look like a patriotic blue.  The television in the great room was acting up before we moved and is pretty much nonfunctional at this point and parts have been ordered for it.  When we get it working the couch will go into the great room and we will see about getting that room more finished.

The last photo I am going to leave you with is the fireplace in the great room.  I painted it red and added some copper to it (it looks more gold in the photo than copper).  If you would like to see more photos please visit my web gallery and visit the Decorating our house. There are around 240 photos in there at the moment.

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