Tuesday, July 29, 2008

African Glass Beads

It hasn’t been the best week in that I am still having headaches 24/7 but although it slows me down a bit life still goes on. I haven’t been overly motivated to walk because it has been hot and humid and the headaches but still am managing to get in at least 3 walks a week.

Wayne is doing well, keeping busy and getting exercise. He may decide to look into PT to help get his arm back into shape. I am sure it still has lots of healing to do. The Squadron that he is attached to gets decommissioned in a couple of weeks so he is trying to get as much paperwork done before then as he can. He thinks that within a couple of weeks we should hear about his extension, last he heard it was going through channels.

I have been staying home and working on beading and stitching. I got African glass beads from Bead Boutique for their in house contest (employees and teachers) and had created a necklace with beaded beads with one of the 2 sets of beads that I had gotten. The other set I worked on and decided to play with wire work with copper. I haven’t done a lot with wirework so this was a bit outside my normal comfort zone. When I saw the beads copper was one of the things that immediately came to mind so that is where I started. I purchased copper wire, beads and a clasp. I ended up making my own jump rings and head pins. I looked at the color of the african beads and how they felt somewhat primitive and yet the copper seemed to add some elegance to them so thought why not do something unexpected and I pulled out my Jet 2XAB crystals and added them to the piece. As you can see the results were pretty good.
I was never very happy with the first necklace I had made so I took it apart. I think I am going to use the beaded beads in a bracelet and started thinking what else I could try. Since I already had one completed piece I didn’t need to do a second but liked the challenge of beads that I wouldn’t have chosen for myself. I decided to try them with macrame so I have started making a lariat using 4 colors of C-Lon Beading cord, 2 colors of seed beads for accents, my 20 African glass beads and 5 clay beads I bought because the colors went together so well. I am alternating working on it and my BJP stitching to change what my hands are doing. I have gotten the first 5 of the 25 large beads that will be included done.

I have also been putting in time stitching on my BJP Sacred Tree collage. I have been working on different areas as the mood strikes me. It is coming a long well although as expected it will take a lot of hours to do all of the stitching that I want to do. The ocean waves are about done although I am thinking if I want to add anything for the foam at waters edge or not.

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