Saturday, November 17, 2007

Falling Off the Face of the Earth

I know it has been a while, the month of November is half over and not a single post from me. After getting my journals for the last 3 month of my Bead Journal Project I have been busy trying to get work done on Christmas cards and getting ready for my extensive travels this holiday season. The photos are close-ups of some of the collages that are getting cut up to make cards. I ended up making 17 collages and once they were cut up I am going to end up with over 300 cards. I have put some of them onto their cards and have mailed them off so that I can finish them when I get to my folks. I have some that are Christmasy and others that are not. I will need to buy more blank cards later since I didn't have enough for this many collages. If you would like to see more photos of the collages go to my website (Artistic Kreations and Passions) and check out the new collage section.

Besides trying to get my Christmas cards to a state that they were ready to go with me to be finished later I had to figure out what all I needed for clothes, my Bead Journal Project, and other beading projects as well as getting a good start on my Christmas shopping. Since I am going to be away form home for 6 weeks it is pretty challenging to try to make sure that everything is done. Luckily Colleen will keep an eye on the house and if I forgot anything important she could do it for me. I mailed off boxes to both sets of parents since I will be spending time with both. I will also get to see other family and Wayne's mom Marti has promised to take me to meet several of her friends from her stitchery group that are beaders.

I leave very early on Monday and still have things to do but part of that was getting my website updated and writing to my blogs. Cleaning is in there somewhere as well. I am putting my November page on My BJP Blog. If you go to the BJP part of my website and check out the photo albums for the next 1/2 of the year you can see what the pages are going to look like. I have them all printed up and they are ready for beading. If anyone needs to get ahold of me please e-mail me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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